Welcome to Team Hoops On-Line!


TEAM HOOPS, based in Charlestown, Indiana, produces, manages and promotes 3-on-3 Basketball & 4-on-4 flag Football tournaments; as well as basketball goal equipment rentals.

Team Hoops events are for EVERYONE!

Anyone can play, old and young; male and female; experienced to NO experience at all; & everyone in between!

Organization and Business Owners: Ask us how we can increase your profits…..We can set up in front of your business and bring in hundreds of customers! If you or your organization, non-profit or not, is interested in a different kind of fund raiser, such as a basketball or football tournament, contact TEAM HOOPS for producing and/or managing your tournament.


TEAM HOOPS tournaments are officiated by trained referees and are governed by easy to understand RULES, structured around three BASKETBALL player and four FOOTBALL player teams. The basketball tournaments are played on a half court setting with a regulation goal. The football tournaments are no-contact (flag), played on 60 yard plus eight yard end zone fields.

All players receive official event T-shirts and Champions are honored with Trophies!
Players also can participate in specialized contests such as Free Throw, Three Point,
Slam Dunking or Long Ball!

DON’T MISS THE FUN! Call Us at: (502) 819-HOOP (4667)

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